Why A Platform Is A Responsibility, Not A Quest For Glory

2b7f58a1b6a9de890b9f9b010ae7b77cIn the last 48 hours social media has gone into meltdown in reaction to the disgraceful comments made by Donald Trump in 2005, comments which effectively endorse patriarchy and rape culture.

Comments which have no place in civilised society.

And no place in the White House.

As a regular visitor to social media, there has, rightly, been outrage – both at the comments themselves and some people’s reaction to them. Including from myself.

There’s been many comments which have left me dumbfounded. One of these was from a major author a critic of Trump’s comments – who made clear there were people DM’ing them their outrage, but not saying anything publicly for fear of losing their platforms.

And when I saw that, I was shocked. Read More

Why Being A Perfectionist Wrecks Our Creativity

95372bad234118d445f40e372f4f922e“It’s got to be perfect” the old song goes. And many of us, when we’re doing any kind of work, can easily begin to think it has to be.

After all, we live in a world where value comes from what you produce, what you earn, your position, and, at times, your relationship status. That’s one of the main reasons we buy into perfectionism so easily. The pursuit of perfection is ingrained in our culture.

But perfectionism can kill our joy, it can ultimately bring us down, and make us feel worthless. And as indeed research has shown it to have a negative impact on our physical and mental health, and decrease our chances of success. 

And in art, it can prevent us from ever sharing our work, and freeze our creativity. Read More

How Comparison Is The Enemy Of Grace


Comparison. It’s one of the biggest addictions human history. And one of the most damaging.

Be honest, how often do you compare yourself with others? People you’d like to be like. Others in the same career, or people who have what you’d secretly desire but don’t have.

We often do this purely on a subconscious level. And there’s no doubt that many of our worst decisions, lowest moods, may find their root in comparison.

And if you really think about it, you probably use comparison way more often than you’d like to think. Read More

Two Fuses Of Hope

DSC_0127For 20 years my heart has been angry. Day to day, I’ve been a calm, rational, sensible, grown up (sometimes more than others) like anyone else. I’ve grown. I’ve matured.

But underneath, I’ve been screaming. And much of the time, I was too deaf to hear my own subconscious.

When I was a kid things happened at home and outside of home which did me a lot of damage. Betrayal, mistrust, fear all became part of my soul. And the injustice at people who’d hurt me not being held accountable, being let off the hook  fuelled a bitterness and resentment in me.

It began as righteous anger. But it quickly got out of control. I grew up, but my anger didn’t. A 15 year old wanting to be heard but constantly ignored. Hurt, betrayed and bulled, with no resolution.

And he’s been angry ever since. Read More

Why It’s Easier To Believe In Others Than In Ourselves (& What We Can Do About It)

trust-440224_640“Believe in yourself”.

How many times have you heard that mantra preached to you? I’ve lost count of the times I have.

I think a more accurate, helpful phrase might be

‘Trust In Yourself’

You see I’ve always a great believer in encouragement. I’ve always been an optimist when it comes to other people. I have great belief in others potential. I love to encourage others, and I have great confidence in others ability to grow and thrive.

But I have none for myself. Read More