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Hi, I’m James, welcome to my online home. This is a space to explore creativity, identity & spirituality together. You’ll find my blog below & above a link to my podcast, ‘James Talks’.

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Fear Can’t Dictate – Love Always Wins

I didn’t blog last week. In light of recent events in the world, I felt it was right to be silent, out of respect of the days of mourning set aside for the victims of the violence – in France, and in Lebanon too.

I felt a particularly strong sense of despair at these attacks. For a number of reasons – the more vulnerable place I’m at in my journey, having a good friend who lives in Paris. Like many of us, I needed time to process it all.

As I reflected, two words keep coming up for me in light of those attacks.

Fear. Love.

And right now, fear seems to be winning.

But I choose to say something different today. I say that love wins. And ultimately, it always will.

Lost & Found : How I Lost A Parent & Found My Faith

I’ve found myself at a major crossroads recently. I love Jesus. I love our church community. I’m rediscovering the Bible. I’m finding myself experiencing the spirit of God in a much deeper way.

And yet, I find myself shifting away from the evangelical church. I am less able to experience God or connect with Him in the ways I have in the past.

I used to believe in a God of certainty. Now I believe in a God of mystery.

And why? Because of the darkest day of my life.

Afraid? Today Can Be Different

I’ll be honest, something in me panics every time I have to step out and do something on my own, without approval, without knowing the answers, without control, without training.

Every. Single. Time.

Usually, my response is excess panic, emotion, stress, anxiety, fear, thinking a million steps ahead, thousands of ‘what ifs’, jumping all the steps straight to the result, pulse rate going into emergency mode, adrenaline pumping, rational thought gone, mind clouded, stress levels growing.

All together in my body in less than 10 seconds.

This panic is basically what stops me from being the best version of myself.

And it all comes from fear.

Be The Best You

It’s so popular in our celebrity culture to say “I want to be like [insert name of well known successful person you admire]”.

Celebrity idolatry is at an all time high. Fortunately, over time many people have learned to recognise it for what it is, and to avoid it.

But there’s a subtle, much more significant issue at work too. That of ‘wanting to healthily model the person I admire’.

At it’s best this is healthy. In some ways to learn from and aspire to be more like others who have walked a similar path, can be a good thing. It’s important to look at others with similar gifts and callings, those we respect, and learn lessons from them.

But if we’re not careful, this can lead us down the path of essentially becoming copies of those we admire.

We can become so busy trying to become like someone else, that we forget to be ourselves.

And even worse, we can use our ‘trying to be like someone else’ as a way of avoiding being who we were made to be. Maybe even to cover up for a belief that we, in ourselves, on our own, don’t have value or legitimacy, and nor does our work.

And it’s a horrendous lie.

‘James Talks’ 3 Episode Week – 2: ‘Hearing Our Subconscious’

Hey friends, welcome back to the blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying my new podcast, James Talks. We’ve had 3 episodes now & it’s been great so far.

This week I have some great news – there’s going to be three – yes, count ’em, three – episodes.

There was one yesterday called ‘A Tale Of Two Fathers’ (The Bad Father & The Good Father), and there is another new episode going out on Friday.

And to make up the three, there is a brand new episode live right now! It’s called ‘Hearing Our Subconscious’

Today I talk about how creativity and our subconscious are connected, and can help us discover our true, authentic voice.