Time To Ditch Fear & Join The Movement Of Love

13529151_1049699575107526_3511884214184152055_nThe world as it is now, is one where fear, division, hatred and violence seems to be winning.

America is divided over gun control, immigration and refugees. And here in the UK, the EU referendum and it’s result has not only divided a nation, but exposed a hidden cancer of racism and prejudice in parts of our nation.

Much of the West in living in a culture of fear, scarcity, lack, division and hatred.

It can’t go on this way. It’s not meant to be this way.

And there is a different way.

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What Jason Donovan Taught Me About Hope

Cl8SZSoVYAIW4I3My writing, and all my work, is generally about creativity, spirituality and identity. Those are the areas I’m passionate about, and those are where I can use my gifts best. And in one sense this is tied into all of those topics, though on the surface, it may not seem so.

I’ve not seen my country so divided as it’s been over the last few weeks – and even more so since Thursday.

There are divisions on nationality, age, politics, more than ever before. As Britain voted to leave the European Union, it created a rupture in our culture which would break the richter scale. It’s one of those inciting incidents in our culture. A moment that once you’ve passed, you cannot go back from.

And we’re still feeling the shockwaves. Read More

To Orlando – With Grace & Love

imagesWhat’s happened in Orlando has shaken us all. The worst mass shooting in US history. 49 dead, far more injured.  More violence. More death.

These tragedies seem to piling up in the States.  And from America, to here in the UK, and arguably all over the world, the shockwaves are being felt.

It was a human tragedy. We all feel it. Our hearts are all with the people of Orlando right now,. Our prayers, love and support are with the victims, their friends, families & the LGBT community as a whole.

There are barely words at a time like this. And I stand with all those in that place of grieving.

There’s a despair, a frustration, an anger, at this injustice. It wasn’t just wrong , this was evil. And it shouldn’t have happened. Read More

Grace. It Just Is. (Guest Post by Jules Middleton)

grace pebblesMy friend and fellow blogger Jules Middleton is guesting on the blog today. Jules is an award-winning blogger and minister-in-training in the Church Of England, and I know you’re going to love this post, on a topic close to my heart – grace.

I think we often talk a good game about God’s grace – we note how it is sufficient. Or abundant. Or amazing. But, what does it actually mean? Trying to suss out what grace is, is almost impossible, there are just too many answers, too many variations or possibilities. But we all have our own interpretations of grace, based on our own experiences of God, and that is so valuable.

I mean you can talk to someone all you like about God and they can put up objections and questions and arguments, but tell them your own story and it’s a different matter.

It’s much harder to dismiss someone’s personal experience, when you hear it from their own mouth. Read More

The Biggest Failure Of An Artist (& How To Avoid It)

Not too long ago I shared a blog post which was the most difficult I’ve ever had to share. Hitting the publish button for me isn’t usually an issue, but this one was different. This post covered arguably the two most divisive issues around – religion and politics.

And not only that, it’s title – “Why Jesus Would Welcome Refugees & Eat With Donald Trump” – had the potential to alienate both liberals and conservatives. Conservatives would disagree with me on refugees, and liberals on Donald Trump.

Above all though, it touched on a subject which many of my closest friends disagreed with me on – the idea we shouldn’t ban Donald Trump from the UK.

I admit, it was very tough to share this post. And out of sensitivity, I didn’t put it on my personal Facebook profile, because I’d already offended people with my response on a Facebook conversation a few weeks ago and didn’t want to stir this up again.

However, I didn’t hide the post. I still publicised and promoted it. On my writers page, on my Facebook group, on Twitter and elsewhere. Anyone could find it if they wanted.

Because if I didn’t do this, I’d have become a hypocrite.

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