How Comparison Is The Enemy Of Grace


Comparison. It’s one of the biggest addictions human history. And one of the most damaging.

Be honest, how often do you compare yourself with others? People you’d like to be like. Others in the same career, or people who have what you’d secretly desire but don’t have.

We often do this purely on a subconscious level. And there’s no doubt that many of our worst decisions, lowest moods, may find their root in comparison.

And if you really think about it, you probably use comparison way more often than you’d like to think. Read More

Two Fuses Of Hope

DSC_0127For 20 years my heart has been angry. Day to day, I’ve been a calm, rational, sensible, grown up (sometimes more than others) like anyone else. I’ve grown. I’ve matured.

But underneath, I’ve been screaming. And much of the time, I was too deaf to hear my own subconscious.

When I was a kid things happened at home and outside of home which did me a lot of damage. Betrayal, mistrust, fear all became part of my soul. And the injustice at people who’d hurt me not being held accountable, being let off the hook  fuelled a bitterness and resentment in me.

It began as righteous anger. But it quickly got out of control. I grew up, but my anger didn’t. A 15 year old wanting to be heard but constantly ignored. Hurt, betrayed and bulled, with no resolution.

And he’s been angry ever since. Read More

Why It’s Easier To Believe In Others Than In Ourselves (& What We Can Do About It)

trust-440224_640“Believe in yourself”.

How many times have you heard that mantra preached to you? I’ve lost count of the times I have.

I think a more accurate, helpful phrase might be

‘Trust In Yourself’

You see I’ve always a great believer in encouragement. I’ve always been an optimist when it comes to other people. I have great belief in others potential. I love to encourage others, and I have great confidence in others ability to grow and thrive.

But I have none for myself. Read More

How Writing (& X-Men) Saved Me From Myself

imgres-1One value I place above all is authenticity. And on a blog, this means always being honest, and being vulnerable as much as is appropriate.

I firmly believe the best creative work – including our lives – is always honest, always authentic.

Tell the truth, the last few months have been tough for me. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been feeling led to confront issues from my childhood, which I’ve buried and run away from for 20 years. They’d been undermining me and controlling me for too long – and this year, I knew it was time to confront them. I knew this would mean going down a dark path, into the valley, and knew this would impact me – but I also knew it was, and is, absolutely necessary for me to grow.

What I didn’t expect was the depths to which this would go, and has gone.

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Time To Ditch Fear & Join The Movement Of Love

13529151_1049699575107526_3511884214184152055_nThe world as it is now, is one where fear, division, hatred and violence seems to be winning.

America is divided over gun control, immigration and refugees. And here in the UK, the EU referendum and it’s result has not only divided a nation, but exposed a hidden cancer of racism and prejudice in parts of our nation.

Much of the West in living in a culture of fear, scarcity, lack, division and hatred.

It can’t go on this way. It’s not meant to be this way.

And there is a different way.

The path of love. Read More